Join us August 23 - Oct 12, 2014 for our Diamond Jubilee 90th Anniversary Celebration!

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Welcome to the Lansing Church of God in Christ, home of "New Faith Ministries", where Samuel Duncan, Jr. is our Pastor and Dorothy Duncan is our First Lady.

We give glory and honor to God - our Father, Jesus Christ - our Savior and Mediator, and the Holy Spirit - our Keeper.

As we embark upon new horizons, we are committed to revival, rededication, and restoration. In order for God to do more in us and through us, we must serve Him with our minds, souls, and spirits. We are committed to expanding this ministry.

The Lansing Church of God in Christ is the oldest church of our denomination, Church of God in Christ, in the Greater Lansing Area and, as the "Mother Church", has given birth to over fifteen churches of like denomination in the Greater Lansing Area.

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May God's choice blessings be with you always, and be sure to join us this Sunday!


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